Mt 322 Topics in Geometry - Fall 2002

Department of Mathematics & Computer Science
Sr. Barbara E. Reynolds, Ph.D.

Study Guide for Test #1.5

Test date: Thursday, October 24

This test will cover major concepts in Chapters 1 - 4, and the article from the Mathematics Teacher that was assigned. In particular, you should be able to:

Basic Geometric Constructions

You should be able to perform the following constructions:

Truth Tables and Boolean Expressions

The development of geometric proofs rests on the basic rules of logic. You should be able to

Basic Geometric Formulas

Basic Algebra

While this test will focus on the geometric ideas we have been studying in Chapters 1 - 4, you should be able to work with simple linear expressions and equations in solving problems. Since Chapter 4 is on Analytic Geometry, problems involving more algebra than those in Test #1 are very likely! (See the Benchmark Study Guide for a more explicit list of basic algebra skills.)

Developing a Proof

The test will include two or three opportunities to explain, prove, and/or disprove a particular geometric statement or construction.

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